ILLBATTING DESIGN was started by Matilda Lindgren in March 2020. The main focus is to create uniqe clothing that expresses creativity and inspire people to wear something different. Therefore most of the items are limited edition. However, items can sometimes restock in a small number.

Growing up I was always encouraged to wear whatever I liked, and in addition I was, with love, called an ILLBATTING by my parents. ILLBATTING is an old Swedish word which means rascal. Therefore I felt like that was a suitable name for my particular brand. A name that inspires to go your own way, to be different and to be an ILLBATTING.

ILLBATTING DESIGN wants our customers to feel unique and special. Because of that we do not mass produce items and the design will dissapear after a certain amount is sold.

Every piece of clothing is designed, decorated and painted by Matilda Lindgren. It is a brand designed for everyone who wants to express themselves, all genders and ages. Life is too short to wear boring clothes! 

Dare to be different, be an ILLBATTING.

Customization is available

Since we all have our own prefrences when it comes to colors and style, ILLBATTING customizes clothing pieces to suit your personal taste. 

Contact us through email, [email protected] or in Instagram DM, and tell us what you like and we will do our outmost to cater your personal style. 

The design and decoration procedure

The clothing pieces are decorated by hand and small differences between different pieces may occur. Decorations are attached by hand, either by sewing or by painting.